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It is committed to enterprise development and genuine affection for society

Changsha Electric Co., Ltd. is the original two fixed-point PLC specializing in the production of integrated automatic control system, high and low voltage switchgear and cable tray specialized factory, is the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, 3C certification, is a provincial high-tech enterprises, the contract and trustworthy enterprise, AAA grade credit enterprise, consumer satisfaction units.The company covers an area of 98 thousand square meters, 390 ... 【more】
  • Solar power station
    Solar power station

    The solar cell is based on the photoelectric effect of semiconductor materials, the energy conversio...

  • Wind power station
    Wind power station

    Wind energy is a renewable and clean energy source. In the past 30 years, great progress has been ma...

  • Shenmu thermal power station
    Shenmu thermal power station

    China National Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the town of Shenmu in Shaanxi province. It is adjace...

  • Three Gorges Hydropower Station
    Three Gorges Hydropower Station

    The Three Gorges hydropower station, namely the Three Gorges water control project, is also called t...

  • Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
    Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

    Qinshan nuclear power station is the first 300 thousand KW PWR nuclear power station designed, const...

  • The bird's Nest Stadium
    The bird's Nest Stadium

    The National Stadium (Bird's Nest) is located in the southern part of the Beijing Olympic Park, the ...